Our Story

What is North Loop BrewCo?

Well, We’re Glad You Asked


North Loop BrewCo was developed out of 4 ingredients [water, barley, hops, and yeast] by two guys that know beer. Co-owners of formerly named Lucid Brewing, Jon Messier & Eric Biermann have made it clear that they are all in on beer and there’s nothing that will stop them along their journey. By fully embracing our new surroundings in the North Loop area of Minneapolis, this story into beer will be one to raise an eye or glass at in years to come.

With our announcement to open a new taproom experience in the North Loop of Minneapolis called Inbound BrewCo, what better way than to fully immerse ourselves into the culture and area by adopting North Loop BrewCo. Our new name breathes a fresh breath of life into our company that has 4 years of deep roots within the local craft beer community. The adoption will also help facilitate future growth within our upper Northern distribution network.

Under the North Loop BrewCo name, management will remain the same, the regular line up of craft beers that you’ve come to know and love will still be brewed, but the overall branding and experience will be focused on the North Loop and the Minneapolis craft beer scene.

Eric Biermann

New Name – New Location – Same Great Beer

“The Twin Cities is the cultural capital of the North and has a growing and influential beer scene. We’re continuing the growth and influence of this culture by making great beers in the heart of this capital, the North Loop.“

Jon Messier

The Twin Cities Just Feels Like Home

“We’re excited about our new facility in the North Loop! Since we began our journey into beer, back in 2011, our focus has been about producing a quality product for all to enjoy. By adopting North Loop BrewCo, we can better associate our award winning Lucid beer line-up with the new taproom location.”